Confidentiality and Privacy

The Privacy Policy relating to  GDPR for Churches Together In Cumbria can be found by following THIS LINK

Churches Together In Cumbria Confidentiality Policy:

Introduction and general principles

Confidentiality is an essential principle, and applies to each individual who makes contact with the organisation.
CTiC also respects the confidentiality of its supporters and donors, its staff and volunteers and, where relevant, the professionals it works alongside.
Confidentiality means that CTiC restricts access to information about individuals. It defines who needs access, to which information, for which purposes, and takes steps to ensure that those boundaries are respected.
Confidential information is shared only with consent.

Staff users

Paperwork is accessible only by staff and volunteers who are involved in service delivery and others who have been specifically authorised.
Personal information about service users may be disclosed with the consent of the individual concerned, and CTiC works with service users to gain their consent whenever possible when a disclosure appears appropriate.
In all cases the recipient(s) of the information and the reasons for the disclosure are documented. Where


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