Domestic Abuse

Churches Together in Cumbria:

  • Acknowledges that domestic violence is an affront to the Christian Gospel.
  • Resolves to work towards making all our churches safe places where those who experience or have witnessed domestic violence can find sanctuary and informed help.
  • Calls on churches and congregations to be aware of the signs of domestic violence, the support available for victims, families and perpetrators and
  • Urges every local congregation to break the silence about domestic violence.

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We work in partnership with LET GO on an awareness programme for the churches of Cumbria. 21 very successful training days have been held for clergy and pastoral carers.

Churches Together in Cumbria has 14 Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Champions across the county. Please make contact with one of the Champions in your area if you would like any support around this issue. These are:


North Cumbria

Rev Tim Cooke:; 01768 890464

Rev Eleanor Hancock:; 01228 527106

Kath Queen:; 01228 599 426

Irene Roberts-Green:

Anne Brown:; 017683 61456


West Cumbria

Emma Bater:; 01900 606989

Anne Denwood:

Pat Nelson:

Rev Nicki Pennington:; 01900 825876


South Cumbria

Beryl Hollowell:

Charles Howarth:

Anne Pettifor:; 015242 71904

Brec Seaton:; 07799 900469

Pauline West: 07719 666992


In an emergency always phone 999: Cumbria Police are trained to deal appropriately with situations of domestic violence. They take the issue very seriously and have specially trained and dedicated staff.


To submit a story or to publicise an event please email: